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The Story: 

You are only of the 3% of the population that have yet to be infected with a deadly virus called BZ110 that has taken over the world, without a cure the virus has a mortality rate of 100%. Once a host is infected the incubation period is 1 hour. One last hope remains a secret antidote only available to wealthy and high ranking officials of the world remains. Word around has is a test sample of the antidote was stolen from a government lab and lost… so you thought. Looking out your windows you see heavily suited officials in hazmat suits frantically searching the area… could they be looking for the test sample? Is this your chance to survive?…. 

How is it different from a traditional escape room? This is an outdoor adventure, similar to a scavenger hunt, but works the same as an escape room Your team will have up to 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles, unlock locks, and work as a team to complete your mission. Instead of spending an hour in a single space, like you would in a traditional escape room, you will walk (or run if you dare!) during your experience. All reservations are private bookings, so gather your team and Unlock Your Adventure!