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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Legend has it the infamous skull treasure your crew has stolen is blackened by a curse. Once the treasure has touched foreign hands it’s darkness is released causing harm to come to any near, even death itself! Your crew has one hour to lift the curse and claim the treasure as your own before your lost in the abyss forever.

Mob Boss – The Speakeasy


It’s the peak of prohibition and Al Capone an infamous mobster and notorious thief has got a steel grip on the underground smuggling operations in Chicago. He’s just stolen your prized diamond worth millions from under your nose! A mole working for Al Capone has given you information that he keeps his “prized possessions” in his speakeasy. You must sneak in undercover,  steal the diamond back and get out before he returns or you’ll be swimming with the fishes!

Bruce Rodgers Private Investigations


Under mysterious circumstances private investigator Bruce Rodgers has disappeared. He was in the middle of a case the police dropped and was hired to take on. You have reason to believe whoever was guilty found out Mr. Rodgers was taking on the case and decided to end it once and for all. It’s up to you and your team to pick up on the investigation and identify those responsible before you suffer the same fate as Mr. Rodgers.

High Noon


Prospectors O’ plenty travel West in search of riches and wealth in the great California gold rush!  Of those, was Carson Hearst an outcast of the New York elite.  Stopping in a remote area Hearst made a strike of a lifetime!  As luck would have it,  his secret slipped in a bar room card game.  Later that night Hearst took his secret to the grave! You must find the gold and escape before anyone else does, time is of the essence! 


Rated 5 Stars on Google and Yelp
Had so much fun! Totally makes you think and work as a team & They go above and beyond to make it a great experience. Highly recommend!
Allsion G,
We enjoyed a fun family night in Dead Men Tell No Tales escape room. We took our seven and ten year old kids for the first time and they loved it! It was easy to book and a great price. Definitely going back.
Rebecca B.

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