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Bakersfield's Premier Escape Room


A addicting and fun game that rewards brain muscles🧠💪

Unique Twists behind every door...

Escape rooms are a great Brain Workout, proven for increased IQ, Better attention to detail, and great for all ages.

Escape Rooms are a physical adventure game where players are placed into a themed room where they must work within their environment in order to solve puzzles and complete their objective in order to “escape”. Our games are great for all ages young and old, regardless you’ll have fun. 

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Virtual Games Now Avaliable

Mystery Unfolding One Puzzle at a Time...

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Book your desired escape room online

All our games are bookable online or over the phone at 661-301-3392


Get locked up for 60 minutes

You and your team will be given your ground rules and story and then boom your on your own see you in 60 minutes or less! 


Find the puzzles first, then find the solution

Work as a team and navigate your way through our maze like scenarios by solving puzzles, riddles, and clues… 

Trust us, its super fun!

100+ 5 Star Reviews


Based on 100 + reviews.

We will definitely be back!

First ever escape room, I was very impressed with the design and staff organization. Would do again! Good value for your money.

Shae – Google Review

Thanks for a fun hour!

Super interesting, exciting, and intriguing! Strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for some riddles and adventures! Would definitely come back again, great addition to bakersfield!

Liz – Google Review

Rooms For Everyone!

Friends & Family Fun

If you are planning a fun and memorable friends and family outing then this is the place to be.

Corporate teams

We cater for up to 25 players per session, customizable packages available.


Visiting Bakersfield doesn’t have to be boring! Unlock your adventure with an escape room! 

Ready to play?

Give the gift of Fun! 

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🖥Virtual Games are here💻

Connect and play from anywhere 🌍

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