Call us: 661-866-5850



How Much Does It Cost?  $24/PP Mon-Thu /  $26/PP Fri-Sun

Can Rooms Exceed Maximums:? Yes, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Call of The Ancient Can Exceed their maximums. Please call us for booking details 🙂 

How Long Is It?  Your team will have 60 minutes

 Do I have to make a reservation?  Yes, all reservations must be made over the phone or online. Walk in’s must call ahead of time. 

Can Teens play alone: As long as an adult signs the waiver it’s ok with us!

How do I make a reservation? Various book now buttons can be found on our website, there you can reserve your appointment

Are the rooms private? Yes, all rooms are private 

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask